We have 20+ years of experience helping engineers, shipyards, fabricators and operators choose safe and reliable hazardous area protection solutions for their power distribution, switching and disconnecting equipment in hazardous areas.

hazardous area power systemsHazardous Area Electrical Protection

VP Alscott produces hazardous area power systems for use in areas with flammable gases and dusts using various methods of protection:

  • Intrinsic Safety Protection
  • Purge & Pressurization Systems
  • Explosion Proof Protection

Depending on the application area, VP Alscott will provide a customized solution, with a focus on minimizing procurement and installations costs while maximizing safety, operability and reliability.

Explosion-protected enclosures are available in various materials including marine grade aluminium, glass reinforced polyester and stainless steel. Panels can be factory-fitted with any required operating and indicating devices. All hazardous area equipment produced by VP Alscott is certified by nationally and internationally recognized third party inspection agencies in accordance with project requirements.

Let us help you meet your hazardous area power system requirements today.

Fields of application:

  • Oil & gas industry (onshore and offshore)
  • Chemical industry
  • Process and plant engineering
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry