Start-up and Commissioning

Start-up & Commissioning

Benefits of VP Alscott start-up & commissioning services:

  • Competent & motivated commissioning team with global availability
  • Able to develop new procedures or operate within existing frameworks
  • Able to safely work in parallel with construction team to compress schedule
  • Additional services also available (operational training, workshops and more)

Start-up & commissioning is typically the last visible phase of the project execution process. It moves systems from the construction phase to an operational state. This phase covers initial static and dynamic tests for instruments, controllers and equipment, moving on to the execution of operational test procedures with the goal of demonstrating system operation is in line with technical requirements. This process usually culminates in a system handover from commissioning team to operations.

As a leader in the deployment of automation systems, VP Alscott is able to effectively navigate the commissioning process at any worksite in a planned, controlled and quantified manner with the safety of employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors as a primary objective. Often in commissioning, operational characteristics of the system must be adjusted to account for circumstances unforeseen during detailed design. With VP Alscott on site, changes to equipment and control philosophy can be made immediately at minimal cost compared to vendor callout.

VP Alscott engineers and technicians take pride in bringing projects from the design phase to successful operation, and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied with the final result.