machine control systemsSafety is paramount in automated machinery control systems, which often involve high powered rotating equipment, stored energy and other moving parts which pose significant hazards to operators and other personnel.

At VP Alscott, we design, manufacture and install fail-safe machinery control systems that will meet your project's functional safety requirements. A risk assessment will be conducted to identify potential hazards with the goal of eliminating them. If the hazards cannot be eliminated, we will reduce risk to an acceptable level through implementation of safeguards such as barriers, interlocks, presence sensing devices, beacons and horns.

In addition to personnel safety, the safety of equipment and protection of your investment is also important to VP Alscott. We will work with you to understand the technical limitations of your machinery and implement protection systems and control schemes to ensure that equipment always operates within its limits.

An effective maintenance program is essential in preserving the safety and reliability of your machinery. We strive understand your processes and collect, log and trend critical information about your equipment to allow you to optimize your maintenance routines and take corrective actions before a fault occurs.

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design Documentation
  • In-house Manufacturing Facility
  • Factory Testing
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Safety Sensors and Controllers
  • Instruments and Actuating Devices
  • Hydraulic Control
  • Hazardous Area Devices
  • Modular control equipment allows for machine customization without customizing controls
  • Industrial wiring harnesses and connectors for ease of installation and maintenance